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Monday, October 31, 2011

UN Intervention?? - Harmony (HMY) - Dollar Up Except Against Yen - Gold & Silver Hit hard last night - Miners are following the general market down - May offer another buying opportunity before long


God in His wisdom gave the Promised Land to the Israelite families, not the government. All of Scripture seems to support this concept. Ahab and Jezebel were killed by God when they stole the private vineyard. Thus, the principle was reinforced.

The United Nations seems on the verge of usurping the power of individual nations in the interest of environment protection at the expense of all. We must urge our politicians not to support the UN any longer.

I am very concerned about all actions of the United Nations and believe we should end our support, thereof, and then have them moved out of the United States. This organization continues to be a threat to our nation and to all personal liberty to each of us and all others abroad. Of course, the actions of the Federal Government for decades and two centuries have been virtually the same. Look at Agenda 21 on the UN official site in the article below.

United Nations:

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment. Folks, this appears to be a surrender of authority which belongs to nations under God to some form of international intervention of God-given family property rights. Beware, the United Nations is an anti-freedom organization from the git go and this is another step toward the final total trashing of our Constitution. HERE.

The Daily Pfennig ( "And then Gold. The shiny metal is off by $21 this morning. more & more, you see this asset manipulated and manipulated. A friend of mine, Thanks Dennis, sent me a note that should cheer up Gold holders like me. From Swiss America. "Gold will continue rising in value over the coming years for one reason: The primary buyers are purchasing physical gold for wealth preservation, and there simply isn't enough physical gold to satisfy their appetites. The recent pullback was by no means the bursting of the gold bubble. Bubbles are characterized by months of extended exuberance and consistently higher highs-not the two- and three- hundred-dollar corrections we've seen twice in the past few weeks. Such pullbacks are healthy as they indicate gold has much, much farther to go. Those who buy gold for wealth preservation are happy. Gold has outperformed all other asset classes for most of the past decade. As other asset classes, such as bonds, currencies and stocks, become more positively correlated to each other, gold continues moving in the opposite direction and therefore continues serving its true purpose of wealth preservation effectively.""

Mine Web:

Costless, limitless, meaningless money ever since the gold standard demise
Once-upon-a-time, a debt default wasn't known as "forgiveness"...Since Nixon cut the dollar link to gold we've seen a succession of ever bigger credit bubbles. HERE.

Gold mining rush in India as high prices see resurrection of old mines
Though India's exploration and mining development continue to lag behind other nations, the high gold price points to a revival in gold exploration and mining, even as Hutti's Chitradurga mine opens its doors after six years. HERE.

JP Morgan joins China's main precious metals bourse
The China unit of investment bank JP Morgan has become the eighth foreign financial institute to gain entry to China's main precious metals bourse, the Shanghai Gold Exchange. HERE.

Gold and silver market morning: Concocted air of stability
Gold and silver prices slipped overnight in Asia but began to pick up again in trading in Europe ahead of New York opening. HERE.

Harmony Gold's Q3 earnings beat expectations on bullion's record run
The gold miner posted a more than three-fold increase in quarterly earnings on Monday, beating expectations on the back of bullion's record run. Another of my core holdings. HERE.

Wall Street Daily:

Why You Should Buy Silver Now, Not Gold
“Buy gold now!”
So say many talking heads and investment writers.
Their rationale is simple: Having hit a high of $1,900 per ounce in both August and September, the price has since tumbled to around $1,740.
But does that fact alone make gold a screaming buy?
While I’m bullish on gold, the fundamentals suggest that silver may actually represent the better investment here. Let me explain…
Silver: Gaining Support and Outperforming Gold
Silver is a unique metal in that it boasts a variety of industrial applications, in addition to being a great safe haven and store of wealth. This article has some good graphs. HERE.

Miners from The miners have been hit as the metals are suffering from over night capping and/or profit taking. I was hoping for a lower correction to add to my portfolios, but it may not happen. Both metals seems to be clawing their way back. We will have to wait a short while longer. This is the season for higher prices in the metals which usually spills over into the miners. 

Currencies from Kit Co:
Some Prices: DOW off 135.50 to 12095.50; S&P off 15.69 to 1269.40; NASDAQ off 26.60 to 2710.59; Gold off 20.30 to 1723.10; Silver off 0.89 to 34.40. General markets down and miners are following the example even though the metals are above recent lows. Some day the miners will part company with the general market as the metals rush into the third phase.

Best to each, Doug


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