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Friday, November 04, 2011

Iran and Nuclear Weapons - SLW - Gold vs Silver - Miners Holding Well - Your trust is well placed in the Law of God, rather than the ever changing law of men

King Jesus is confusing our markets as a judgment against us. The volatility is from more than just the Greek fiasco. The bucket of currencies is being stirred for more than can be observed from the latest news.

See particularly the video from Gold Money, below. Gerald Celente has a good bit of insight into problems of the world today. Of course, he does not attribute them to our Sovereign God, but you should find it of great value. He clearly tells us we cannot trust government by men.

Governments which are run by men without the benefit of God's Law lead to chaos in every nation. Men are always changing based upon whims or reactions to events. Thus, they are without consistency. Of course, consistently bad could be considered consistent. However, we should much prefer the unchangeable Law-Word of God. Scripture reports that God is "the same yesterday, today, and forever." That we can rest assured of His perfect consistency.

The Telegraph:

Iran: the damning nuclear evidence 
Iran is attempting to engineer and test nuclear weapons at a series of banned production sites in defiance of United Nations sanctions, according to a report to be released next week. HERE.

The Daily Mail: 

UK and U.S. 'draw up joint plan to attack Iran': Evidence of nuclear programme raises tension in Middle East
The UK and U.S. are drawing up plans to attack Iran amid growing tensions in the Middle East, it was claimed last night.
Barack Obama and David Cameron are preparing for war after reports that Iran now has enough enriched uranium for four nuclear weapons. HERE.

Gold Money:

Gerald Celente talks to Alasdair Macleod
Watch and listen to the video on HERE.

King World News:

Eveillard - Good Reasons Not to Trust Governments Today 
With gold and silver trading strong, today King World News interviewed legendary value investor Jean Marie Eveillard, who oversees $50 billion at First Eagle Funds.  When asked about his thoughts on where we are today, Eveillard stated, “I think the long-term secular case for gold is still in place.  Some people say after an eleven or twelve year bull market, aren’t we in a bubble?  There is nothing to say that after twelve years the bull market is over.  Look at the bull market in Treasury notes and bonds, it’s thirty years old.  So there is no particular length of time that implies that a bull market or bear market is over.” 
When asked about the continued money printing, Eveillard replied, “To a large extent it makes the case for gold as a substitute currency because all currencies have become suspect.  The Americans are printing, the European Central Bank also has been printing and the Swiss National Bank has been printing by trying to fix the Swiss franc to the euro.  Japan may print money. HERE.

Uncommon Wisdom: 

Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Silver
Rudy Martin | November 4, 2011 
Listen to the Pod Cast HERE.

King World News:

Robin Griffiths - Silver is a Ten or Twenty Bagger From Here 
With gold and silver and mining shares rallying strongly, today King World News interviewed one of the top strategists in the world, Robin Griffiths of Cazenove out of London.  Cazenove Capital is the appointed stockbroker to Her Majesty The Queen.  When asked about the recent strength in gold Griffiths responded, “The ‘Indian Festival of Lights’ and wedding season have contributed to this rally in gold.  The other issue right now is the referendum in Greece.  Is this just another way of defaulting and leaving the euro or not?  Regardless of how this all pans out there is going to be more paper money around and gold hedges that.HERE.

Miners from Scottrade: These are holding very well even as the metals are more volatile.
Currencies from KitCo:
Metal Prices: Gold down 9.40 to 1755 and Silver down 0.32 to 34.16.

Best to each, Doug



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