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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Are immunizatons dangerous? - Look to the true Messiah, not the fake messiah of states & banks -DOW & Metals Down a Bit - Miners Holding in a Narrow Range - West Discussing Selling Gold - China Buying Gold


There is a lot of news from Europe and the Greek and Italian fiascoes. This has impacted the price of gold as many investors are beginning to see that gold and silver are the true safe havens. Why they generally run to the dollar and treasuries is a puzzle except for the fact that these are quite liquid and the world have become accustomed to the dollar. However, would they, as is beginning, to look behind the curtain to see the "Wizard of Oz" pulling the levers at the Federal Reserve, they would be searching for true value and not just what they have done for decades since WWII.

We must remember that true security only rests with King Jesus. The state and banks are fake messiahs. They are governed by men, all of whom are damaged by sin. Our Sovereign God has all truth, all wisdom, all creativity, all power, all knowledge, and is all in all. The great I Am wrote the entire bible to reveal the Triune God to the world and to point men to the only true Messiah: Jesus Christ the Son of God. It also is a complete operating manual for all men. There is no way to please our Lord and Savior except by the way He desires as written in the bible. Prayerfully study it daily after seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance. Then be a doer, not just a reader/hearer of the Law-Word of God. Praise our Triune God daily and give thanks in everything you have or do. He provides all that we have and are. 

He also provides peace and hope to His people as we learn to trust and rest in Him amidst the storms of life. Bless His holy name and be grateful in everything at every time.

Town Hall:
Numbers Games
Thomas Sowell
One of the things that has struck me, when I have gone on luxury cruise ships, is that most of the passengers look like they are older than the captain -- and luxury cruise ships don't have juveniles as captains.
The reason for the elderly clientele is fairly simple: Most people don't reach the point when they can afford to travel on luxury cruise ships until they have worked their way up the income ladder over a long period of years.
The relationship between age and income is not hard to understand. It usually takes years to acquire the skills and experience that high-paying jobs require, or to build up a clientele for those in business or the professions.
But those in the media and in politics who are currently up in arms, denouncing income inequalities, seldom mention age as a factor in those inequalities. This reminds me of the approach of the communist. Their plan has always been to create unrest and set people against each other. The same is going on with much of the sit ins around the world and in America today.  HERE.

The Venom in Feds' Vaccinations
Chuck Norris
While most mainstream news media cover presidential campaigns or economic conditions, the feds are going under the radar and your skin -- literally -- with something that could be detrimental to your and your children's health. News just broke about their cover-up, but few, if any, agencies passed along the wire.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 110 children have autism spectrum disorders, which is strikingly more than just two decades ago. (ASDs are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause communication, behavioral and social challenges.) The National Autism Association calls the 644 percent increase of ASDs among U.S. children since the early 1990s "a tragic epidemic of autism."
Many attribute the increase in the rate of ASDs to children's being exposed to significant quantities of thimerosal, a mercury-based compound that has been used since the 1930s as a preservative in certain vaccines and pharmaceutical products to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. A freedom of great value is to be able to decide about individual health care. Obamacare has and will remove many choices from the people and result in a major loss in God-given freedom. Dr. Eva Snead wrote a great deal about the dangers of mass inoculations. Read the article HERE

Poltics of Personal Destruction II
Cal Thomas
In 2007 when she was running for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton told a fundraising event in Carson City, Nev., "I sure don't want Democrats, or the supporters of Democrats, to be engaging in the politics of personal destruction. I think we should stay focused on what we're going to do for America."
Clinton's husband, the former president, used the phrase at the time of his impeachment proceedings for lying under oath about a sexual dalliance in the White House.
The politics of personal destruction is nothing new. It has been around from the beginning of the country when worse things were said about presidents and presidential candidates than have been alleged against Herman Cain. HERE.

It Can't Happen Here!
Pat Buchanan
 Friday, thousands in Moscow, giving Nazi salutes and carrying placards declaring, "Russia for the Russians!" marched through the city shouting racial slurs against peoples from the Caucasus.
In Nigeria, Boko Haram, which is Hausa for "Western education is sacrilege," massacred 63 people in a terror campaign to bring about sharia law. Seven churches were bombed.
Sunday, The New York Times reported that Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan are suffering "horrific abuse" following last year's pogrom.
Ethnic nationalism, what Albert Einstein dismissed as "the measles of mankind," and religious fanaticism are making headlines and history.
Welcome to the new world disorder.
What has this to do with us? Perhaps little, perhaps everything. HERE.

Mine Web:

The more gold the West sells the more China is buying
China is buying gold as part of a long term strategy to position itself ultimately as the global currency of choice and to the benefit of its citizens who it has encouraged to buy precious metals. The Chinese seem to use more intelligence than the West. They must be looking ahead to the demise of unbacked paper currencies. On the other hand, the West seems determined to perpetuate the fraud of paper currencies to protect their monopoly on "money." HERE.

Gold headed for near six week highs, Italy debt fears weigh
Gold remained firm on Tuesday and headed for near six week highs, with investors holding onto the safe haven asset due to fears that the euro zone debt crisis might engulf Italy. Gold is the way to preserve wealth amidst the flood of paper "money." Virtually all nations are facing a high level of debt with the U.S. way ahead of the rest of the world. Thus, gold is bound to be headed much higher as a true safe haven. HERE.

The big debate: gold equities or bullion?
Many investors are struggling to decide whether gold bullion or equities provide the best route through which to navigate the current global financial storm, for Julian Phillips, the answer isn't a simple one. In my opinion it is a decision based upon the purpose of the holding. Bullion, and I would include both gold and silver, is for preserving wealth. The mining equities are for the final blow off in metal prices when they have in the past well outdistance the price of metals. My first priority is to hold the metals and then look to the miners. HERE.

Gold, a Hedge Against the Financial Predators
For David Levenstein, the yellow metal is the only protection one can get against the chaos and corruption that is running rampant in the global financial system. HERE.

Kit Co News:
Jim Wyckoff A.M. Kitco Metals Roundup: Comex Gold Trades Near Steady; Fresh News Regarding EU Debt Crisis Awaited
08 November 2011, 8:23 p.m.
By Jim Wyckoff
Of Kitco News
Comex December gold futures prices are trading near steady in early U.S. trading Tuesday. The market is pausing as traders await fresh developments from the ongoing European Union sovereign debt crisis. The precious yellow metal is flirting with psychological resistance at the $1,800.00 level. December gold last traded up $1.00 at $1,792.10 an ounce. Spot gold last traded down $5.10 an ounce at $1,791.00. December Comex silver last traded down $0.023 at $34.805 an ounce. HERE.


Credit Suisse asked to hand over U.S. client data
Credit Suisse will hand over details of wealthy Americans with hidden Swiss accounts to the Swiss government, bringing U.S. authorities one step closer to obtaining names of alleged tax cheats. Big Brother reaches out well beyond his borders to limit freedom of citizens. Tax cheats is an alleged excuse. More control is the true aim. HERE.

Miners from Scottrade:
Currencies from Kit Co:

Spot Metal Prices: Gold down 6.90 to 788.70 and Silver down 0.29 to 34.69 (Must have been capped a bit?)

Best to each, Doug


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